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Dominical is a beach-front town in the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica approximately 45 km south of Quepos. It is famous for large, year-round waves and is well-known by most surfers in Costa Rica. The town began as a small fishing village but has since grown into a tourist destination most notably for surfers. There is a paved highway connecting it to the capital, San Josť, via San Isidro de General to the east. The road from Quepos to Dominical is large, but unpaved, and is a main route for the transportation of palm oil.

Usually people only need directions from the San Jose airport, SJO. There are three ways to get to Dominical, not counting the sea. The most common is from the east, via San Isidro (de General). San Jose is where you fly in and either bus or rent a car and head south to San Isidro del General. There you can buy some groceries at reasonable prices and head west (just ask for Dominical). This entire route takes you through cloud forests, mountain ridges, and river valleys and takes about four hours by car and 6 hours by bus (San Jose to Dominical). Coming in from the northern route is always bumpy and in the rainy season is most advisable to come by 4x4. San Jose to Quepos is paved and from Quepos south unpaved. If not distracted by bright lights and shiny cities you'll get here in 5 hours by car and six by bus (direct only). From the south what people do is fly into SJO, then make reservations for Sansa air flight to Palmar Sur and get a car rental to meet them there. From Palmar Sur to Dominical is the best road in the country, thought to support the future plans of an international airport in Palmar Sur. It only takes 45 minutes to drive from the airport to Dominical this way.

The Best way and easiest way to get to Dominical, Uvita and Ojochal from San jose is using Easy Ride Shuttle Services avoid taking Buses, taxis wait at the Bus station, getting ripped off from taxi drivers, Easy Ride goes directly daily at 8AM from San Jose Hotels to Dominical, this a Door to Door service so its very safe, the drivers well experience travelling in el cerro de la muerte. Check easyridecr.com, they come back daily from Ojochal, Uvita and Dominical to San Jose Downtown and San Jose Airport.

The number one attraction in Domincal is the beach and ocean. There's all the ammenities to help you enjoy a safe and exhilarating time. Lifeguards are not a given in Costa Rica yet the Dominical Lifeguard program is world class, including certified lifesavers, jetski, and quad. Fishing and waterfalls tie for second in area attractions. Ziplines, parasailing, caves, horseback riding, yoga, massage, socialising, and hiking are as well favorites here. Parque Reptilandia has local snakes and frogs as well as a crocodile and a Komodo Dragon for a unique experience. Hacienda Baru has very interesting eco tours including a night venture.

Dominical beach is famous for its surf, and on any given day you will see local surfers as well as foreign surfers hunting for perfect waves or just hanging out in a very relaxed atmosphere. Dominical is recognized by the surfing community as world class, and every year local and international surf championships are held here. There are several businesses to help you accomplish this. Green Iguana Surf Camp is the oldest running full service camp, followed by Dominical Surf Camp with surf pro Rony Obando, next oldest is Alejandro Cerdes and pro Jose "Gato" Montoya's Costa Rica Surf Camp. Tres Olas Surf Camp offers a slightly different package more tailored to good surfers wanting to get better. For Surf Tours, Thrusters Surf Compound, El Tubo Surf Shop, and Dominical Surf Adventure Tours for the complete tour packages specializing in surfing, kayaking, and rafting. When the surf's down and you need some relaxing check out The Back Porch Cafe in Pueblo del Rio. They offer a huge book exchange selection and DVD rental as well as a great friendly environment to just hang out in.