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Costa Rica - For Adults Only!

Costa Rica prostitution

Surprising to most is the fact that prostitution in Costa Rica is legal and, relatively speaking, run effectively and professionally. The women who work in the trade are tested monthly and carry a card showing they're working legally and current on their testing. Naturally, those partaking of this type of entertainment should still take every available precaution. In fact, most of the prostitutes in Costa Rica will insist on condoms and usually take a shower before and after her time with each client.

The working girls in Costa Rica have gravitated to where the customers are and that is, first and foremost, in San Jose. It's not uncommon for male tourists to spend their entire vacation in San Jose without ever venturing to the beaches, parks, volcanos or rainforests. In fact, it's even possible for a vacationer to never leave his hotel as there are couple of well known places in San Jose where girls amass in the lobbies, bars and casinos and are only an elevator ride away. The most famous of these is the Del Ray.

Costa Rica prostitution Jaco is another popular area for this type of entertainment, but here it's not something you're going to find unless you're looking for it. There are a couple of places where these ladies can be found, most notably a place called The Beatle Bar and a strip club called Divas. If you avoid these places, you probably won't have any interaction with the local working girls and probably never even be aware this is a legal business in Jaco.

Most of the other medium to large tourist towns and beach resorts have some degree of prostition available either in the form of a bar or club where the working girls can be found or by asking some locals where to find them. Be advised, there is ZERO tolerence for foreigners who attempt to engage minors in sexual activites. If you aren't planning on visiting a Costa Rican prison on your trip, don't test this one.

Costa Rica prostitution It's worth noting that some hotels don't allow prostitution to take place on their premisis, despite the fact that it is legal throughout the country. These are usually foreign-owned smaller resorts and some of the big chains. If you think this is the kind of entertainment you may partake of, ask your hotel before booking your reseration or checking in. The other alternative is where the working girls congregate, there is usually someplace nearby willing to rent you an anonymous room for a few bucks. Those hotels that do allow it sometime charge a modest fee for the extra guest. In truth, the extra $5 or $10 affords an additionals sense of security in that they usually hold the ladies I.D. which protects her client from being robbed by the prospective escort.

by Chuck Green

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