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Costa Rica Nightclubs

Costa Rica Nightclub

If you're looking for nightclubs in Costa Rica, what you probably mean is a "disco". In Costa Rica, nightclubs are usually what are referred to in the U.S. as strip clubs (with legal prostitution). Since Costa Rica rises early, it usually goes to be early as well, so in many towns and villages, there may not be much more nightlife than some restaurants and a bar or two.

If you're looking for an active nightlife, San Jose and Jaco have the most to offer. Most of the other larger tourists towns and resorts have some late night entertainment as well, but San Jose and Jaco are definitely the party sites of the country.

In San Jose, the most popular spots are Twister, Friends, El Pueblo, Fiesta Latina, and La Plaza, but the hot spots can change suddently, so ask some locals what they'd recommend.

In Jaco, the Monkey Bar is a popular spot later in the evening. La Hacienda draws a young, hip crowd. Club Ole is the, relatively speaking, classy hang out in town. And Pancho Villas is a popular all night eatery and bar with a dance floor that can be packed or empty with no apparent rhyme or reason.