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Costa Rica Casinos

Costa Rica casino

Don't expect anything like Las Vegas by way of Costa Rica casinos. For that matter, don't expect anything close to the elegant resort/casinos found at more expensive Caribbean destinations like The Bahamas, Curaco or Aruba. The country features about 30 casinos, but most of these are a rung below the old American indian casinos from twenty years ago. Unless you're in a larger tourist destination, you might be limited to a few dozen machines a couple of table games. In some cases, the table games won't even put in an appearance.

The casinos in Costa Rica have pretty much the same games you'd find in the U.S. with a few exceptions. The slots and video poker are second-hand units that came from America, cruise ships and other, bigger casinos, so don't expect anything relatively new. The table games offer the standards like craps, Caribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Poker, but their variation on blackjack is called rummy and has a few minor differences (in the houses favor). Some of the "bigger" casinos also offer roulette, but due to the ways the laws are structred to allow gambling, you usually won't see a wheel and ball, but a bingo type system with balls numbered 00-36. It's kind of odd to get used to and cuts down the excitement a bit not being able to track the rolling ball, but the game is otherwise the same.

San Jose offers the most casinos by far with about a dozen. The Fiesta, by the airport, is new and nice, probably the most reminiscent of a smaller Vegas casino with several table games a couple of hundred machines.

Jaco/Herradura has two casinos of note. In Jaco is the Hotel Cocal with about 50 machines and half a dozen tables. At the nearby Los Suenos, is a more classy facility with about the same number of games, but in a more clean and upscale environment...surprisingly, the machines here are already dated and there's no video poker, so if that's your game, head into Jaco.

Manuel Antonio at present doesn't offer any casinos, which will probably change in the near future, so for the time being, you need to head into Quepos where you cna find the Kamuk Casino and the Casino Divismar. Both a small and on the seedy side, but safe and a good enough place to get your gambling fix.

Other small joints can be found in Guanacaste, Colon, Heredia, Tamarindo, Playa Panama, Playa Coco, and Tambor.