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Surfing in Costa Rica

surfing in Costa Rica Costa Rica is renowned for some of the best surfing in the Western Hemisphere. Aside from all the other activites Costa Rica has to offer, thousands of visitors come to Costa Rica every year with the sole intention of surfing some of the best breaks in the world. Both the Pacific and Guld Coast offer almost endless choices for the beginner, intermediate or expert surfer. The affordability of accomodations and meals make Costa Rica all the more ideal to surfers on a budget. In some parts of the country, you can find small, but clean rooms on the beach just a few steps from incredible waves for as little as $10 a night!

costa rica surfer girl Some of the best (but certainly not only) surf spots in the country are:

Surfboards can be found with easy virtually everywhere along the coast. Board rentals usually run $10-$20 for the day. Additionally, a whole industry has popped up for surf camps and vacation packages so if surfing is the main reason for your trip, one of these might be exactly what you're looking for!