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Snorkeling in Costa Rica

Costa Rica snorkeling A fun and easy alternative to Scuba diving, snorkeling can afford much of the same excitement with less training and cost. Although up and down both coasts is a cornucopia of marine life just waiting to be discovered, the Northern Pacific is generally considered the best snorkeling in the country.

To the north, check out Playa del Ocotal, Playa Flamingo or Playa Coco.

To the south, Isla del Cano and Drake Bay are not to be missed.

Perhaps the best snorkeling and diving in the country can be found at Isla del Coco, and island of the Pacific Coast with world-class diving. The island is a national park and one must get a permit to visit and dive there (admission $15). Most visitors to the island utilize a tour or dive company to orchestrate the excursion, but it's worth the extra time and money.