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Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

Costa Rica scuba diving Costa Rica has an abundant and colorful underwater world waiting for you to discover. If you're an experienced diver, you'll find there are diving options up and down both coasts. For beginners, virtually all the major seaside towns and cities offer dive centers to introduce you to this intoxicating, addictive adventure.

The best diving in Costa Rica is generally considered to be on the Caribbean side due the generally greater visibility. On the Pacific side, you're at the mercy of the currents which can push you along rather roughly and stir up sentiment enough to limit visibility. Even under these less-than-ideal circumstances, it's still a joy to dive anywhere in the country.

For experienced divers, tank rates usually run $75-$100 for a 2-tank dive and $100-$150 for a 3-tank dive. For a "resort course", which usually means no diving certification, expect about $50 more which will include a brief dip in a local swimming pool to introduce you to the basics before you hit the occean.